S2E14: The Finale

We finally got around to editing our last podcast of 2019! Tune in to hear some of our highlights from Fall through Winter. It was recorded between Christmas and New Years so hopefully you’re in the holiday spirit. We share our unusual egg hunt story, talk about the wonders of azolla, and go on record with our plans for the veggie garden.

S2E12: Winter Harvest

This is our second episode in two weeks! Dan finished up the floor and Miriam is ecstatic. The family also really enjoyed a long visit with our new nephew Alton at home in Folsom. We harvested some of our winter veggies and were able to share them with all our animals, and have also been accommodating our spoiled goats because of the rain.

S2E11: Gobble Gobble

We’ve gotten back to podcasting after a few months lapse so we’re doing a big update. We share how our Thanksgiving went with a new nephew, a wild turkey, and lots of food. We also give a quick overview of our fall round of broiler chickens, mention what’s been going on with our goats, and tell you how the garden is bedding down for the winter.

S2E10: Good Eatin’

We’re a little behind on podcasts at the moment, this was recorded back in mid-August. We should be back soon with another episode to discuss our transition into Fall on the farm. In the meantime we hope you enjoy hearing about rotational goat grazing, our plans for raising broilers in Fall, and the great food we’ve been eatin’ at home.

S2E7: Broody Hens and a Rattlesnake

This time we tell everyone how we’ve been dealing with broody hens and share how our pullets are growing up. We also have a big announcement: a lot of our family is moving to El Dorado County. We close out the show with a story about Dan and a rattlesnake.

S2E5: Say Goodbye to the Pasture Pen

In this episode we go over farm updates and the projects that have been taking up most of our time. We finally put our Cornish Cross chicks on pasture and have decided the chickshaw is superior to the pasture pen. Our food forest survived the weird hail storm in May and we continued to add plants. We also purchased three show quality Ameraucanas to add to our breeding stock. Closing out the show is an overview of the chicken coop and barn electricity projects.