Regenerative Agriculture


We blend our own re-mineralization fertilizer using a custom recipe for every plant we grow. This heals our soil and builds an environment in which plants can thrive.


We make our own bio-char on farm by burning tree waste in large pits and covering up the fire before all of the charcoal turns to ash. We blend this into our soil in all of our gardens and fields to act like a sponge for minerals and provide an excellent home for soil biology.


We compost our chicken manure with straw bedding from the barn which is full of goat manure.


We grow as many perennial plants as possible using permaculture and other organic methods to build soil.


The method of letting trees grow in a pasture in order to provide shade and food for grazing animals is called silviculture. We have been transforming a neglected oak chaparral forest into a well balanced pasture with oak trees providing acorns for food in the Fall and Winter.