About The Farm

The guiding philosophy for Wild Oak Family Farm, regenerative agriculture, is focused on restoring soil fertility and growing nutrient dense food. We’re going to implement sustainable plant and animal systems that mimic the wild as much as possible. We plan to utilize a wide variety of techniques pulled from the permaculture, bio-dynamic, sustainable, and Korean natural farming literature. In order to create living, mineral rich, soil no chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides…you get the idea, will ever be used. Instead of these toxins, we’ll use natural fertilizers (like chicken poop) and pest management techniques (like killer ladybugs and praying mantises) to create a farm that needs very few external inputs.

For the first year or two we’ll be focused on establishing a permaculture food forest, vegetable garden, and livestock systems to produce all of our own food. Our plans for livestock include chickens, pigs, cattle, and hopefully a llama or donkey. Once we’re producing the majority of our own eggs, dairy, fruit, vegetables, and meat we’ll start selling surplus animal products. Stay tuned for those details!