S02E04: Happy Mother’s Day

This week we give a quick update on our Cornish Cross chicks, the food forest, and how the rain has been affecting everything. We then have our first homesteading segment all about Mother’s Day and everything Miriam does for us. We finish it off with an in-depth review of the chicken butchering class Dan went to at The Smiley Farm (https://www.facebook.com/TheSmileyFarm/).

S02E03: Zane

Tune into this episode to find out about selling our Boer goats, getting our Livestock Guardian Dog named Zane, and what we’ve been planting in the food forest. In our farm school segment we go in-depth on how to raise baby chicks, and then wrap up with a discussion of hunting and eating wild game.

S02E02: Marilyn Monroe

In this episode we focus on farm updates and discuss everything going on in early spring. We bought Boer goats, Nigerian goats, and Dan’s favorite goat a mini-Nubian named Marilyn Monroe. Miriam has been starting most of our annual veggies outdoors and a few inside as well. We also added some rare edible perennials to the food forest.

S02E01: On To Year Two

We made it to our second year and haven’t “podfaded” yet. In this episode we discuss the birth our son Charles, give a brief overview of what’s been going on around the farm over the past seven months, and discuss our disappointment with hydroponics being allowed by the USDA Organic standard.

S01E05: Guns, Farms, and Birth – Part 2

This is part 2 of our “Guns, Farms, and Birth” episode. Part 2 is mostly a summary of our plans for the birth of our son with a quick farm update at the beginning. We will return to podcasting soon with a jam-packed holiday episode.

S01E04: Guns, Farms, and Birth – Part 1

Taking care of our newborn son delayed this a bit, but we finally got another episode of our podcast posted. This recording ended up going long so we split it up into two parts. In Part 1 our discussion is mainly focused on guns, Part 2 will be a farm update and birth discussion.

S01E02: Tastes Like Chicken

In this episode we get more organized with two show segments: country life and farm updates. We talk about the difficulties we had trying to catch and process our first rooster, our long but successful day processing broilers, and the satisfaction of eating our first broiler.

S01E01: Welcome to the Farm

This is the very first episode of the Wild Oak Family Farm Podcast! In this episode we introduce ourselves, discuss why we’re starting a farm, and give farm updates. We discuss where we grew up, went to school, and started our careers. We then go into why we left the Bay Area for the country and what we’re hoping to find here. To close things out we give updates on our food forest, egg layers, and broiler chickens.