Pastured Chicken Deposit


This is a deposit for a pastured chicken to be picked up after processing, the remaining balance will be paid upon pickup. We will schedule chicken pickup on a weekend, the Spring pickup date is usually the first weekend in June and Fall is the first weekend in October. Pick up times will be between 9 and 4 on Saturday, and 1:30 and 4:30 on Sunday. Please let us know if those times don’t work for you and we can make other arrangements. Birds will be frozen so please plan accordingly.

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Our pastured chickens are the highest quality chickens that you will ever eat. They live an active healthy lifestyle because they have ~1600sq ft of pasture to roam around in while being protected by a temporary electric fence. This fence is moved about once a week throughout their life so they always have access to fresh bugs and greens. These birds are NOT kept in pasture pens all day long, they only go in our “pasture condo” in the evenings for a good night sleep. Our birds are fed only Bar Ale Organic Chick and Broiler feed, organic veggie scraps from our garden, and as much as they can forage from pasture.

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