CBD+CBG Healing Balm


We hand crafted this healing balm with a full-spectrum hemp extract and all organic ingredients at our family farm in the Northern California foothills. Our family relies on it to help with the worst pains and yours will too.

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Like most folks, over the past few years we’ve heard about the magic of CBD and were impressed when we tried it ourselves. Pain and injury relief without pharmaceutical drugs is an amazing thing! We had also heard that El Dorado County enacted a hemp program in 2019 so we decided to register and start growing organically last year. Our goal was to extract the CBD and other medicinal cannabinoids for use in herbal products that would heal without side effects. We are incredibly excited that we succeeded on our first try with our CBD+CBG Healing Balm! The balm has helped family and friends with chronic tendonitis, arthritis, and muscle pain.

Our balm is completely chemical and solvent free so we can deliver an unadulterated full spectrum hemp extract. We start the process in Spring by growing hemp organically using regenerative agriculture practices, no poisons are ever used. After harvesting and drying the hemp, we bake it in the oven to activate (the technical term is decarboxylation) the cannabinoids. We then infuse a coconut/olive oil blend with hemp by heating it to a low temperature and stirring for about 2 hours. The final step in the process is to combine our hemp-infused oil with beeswax and essential oils. Everything is done by hand, on-farm, in small batches to ensure a high quality and consistent product.

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