Ameraucana Pullets


Ameraucana Pullets straight run. Will be black, blue, or splash.

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Since 2019 we have been raising a superior breed standard of black, blue, and splash Ameraucanas. What is a superior breed standard? Well, most chickens from commercial hatcheries are not bred to a breed standard. They are simply bred to grow as fast as possible. This results in birds that are vigorous but short-lived and susceptible to illness. In 2019 we purchased 2 Ameraucana hens and 1 rooster from a local Ameraucana breeder, Smith Grove Farmette, that had recently won a few Best in Show awards at the Sacramento County Fair. We’ve been selectively breeding those chickens with our commercial hatchery Ameraucanas (from Belt Hatchery in Fresno, CA) to develop a superior bird that still grows quickly but retains good body conformation and vitality.